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  • Committee on Continuing Education - This committee shall prepare and conduct Teacher Training, Parenting and Sibling Workshops, and seminars
  • Committee on Public Relations and Publications - This committee shall devise ways and means to promote the Society. It shall be responsible for press releases, information and announcements for the members of the Society as well as, to the general public.
  • Committee on Membership - This committee shall review periodically the current status of the members and recommend ways and means to ensure active membership and participation in the Society’s activities.
  • Committee on Ways and Means - This committee shall devise ways and means to augment the income of the Society. It shall look for sources of funds to finance the various projects of the Society and its standing committees.
  • Committee on Special Projects - This committee shall be responsible for drawing up projects in cooperation with the different government agencies and other organizations that involve individuals with ADHD.
  • Committee on Research - This committee shall undertake research updates and shall gather data on ADHD in the Philippine situation.
  • Conference Committee - This committee shall be responsible for the planning and holding of a Conference on ADHD to be conducted every two (2) years.

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Schools, Clinics, Therapy Centers, Societies and other parties interested in and supportive of the cause of the Society.

  • Can send two (2) designated members to represent them in activities of the Society. A designated representative is one who is appointed in writing by the corporation or organization.
  • Can advertise in once a month (1xmonth) in the website (under events) and Facebook Group page of the Society
  • Receive special discounts on the Society’s conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars and other activities.
  • Can send two (2) designated representatives to the General Membership meetings but without voting privileges.
  • Receive a Certificate of Membership and Identification Cards for the two (2) designated members