We present to you a very relevant and light-hearted song about ADHD by very talented children.

“Kwento ni Bulilit” (A Song about ADHD), was recorded in 2008 during a group therapy program for children with ADHD called “A Journey Through ADHD” and is being shared with us by the good graces of the Philippine Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (PSCAP).

Composed and co-arranged by Dr. Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, the current PSCAP President. We thank her and her Society for their unwavering support.
Listen to this special song (lyrics are in the video) and be amazed how children with ADHD can showcase their innumerable skills and ability to create this magical piece.
So give this song a go and sing-a-long! 🙂

(Disclosure: The names, photos, and other information about the children involved in this recording have been granted proper consent by their parents and guardians).

Wilma Ligot

Author adahada

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