For the first time in AD/HD Society of the Philippines’ 19 years in existence, the first consultation among teens with or suspected with ADHD finally happened during the take-off activity of the 17th National ADHD Awareness Week on October 13, 2019 at the Committee Rooms 2 & 3 of the Quezon City Hall. Dubbed “Kuwentuhang ADHD,” the ADHDSP facilitated a “Kuwentuhan” session with teens aged 12 – 17 years old. This is the first of a series of activities scheduled by the society for this year’s ADHD Awareness Week celebration.

The event was initiated by the AD/HD Society of the Philippines and hosted by the Quezon City Persons with Disability Affairs Office thru Mr. Renato Cada with special participation of different government agencies like the National Council of Disability Affairs (NCDA), Philippine Information Agency (PIA), and Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). Opening the event was a prayer led by ADHDSP’s coordinator Ms. Josephine Esteban. The participants and guests were welcomed by ADHDSP’s President, Mr. Danny Javid. Ms. Christina Nieves Aligada-Halal, ADHDSP’s Corporate Secretary, acted as main facilitator and was assisted by adult support group members: Andrew Dominic Pe, Winona Lumague (ADHDSP BOT member), Red Ligot, Teacher Mel, and Wilma Ligot (ADHDSP BOT member).

The children and the discussion facilitators had a series of fun and meaningful exchanges on a wide variety of topics decided by the children ranging from sports, video games, and academic related concerns. While the teens were conducting their own “Kuwentuhan” session, a separate “Kuwentuhan” for parents was facilitated in by Mr. Danny Javid and Ms. Rosalia “Snooky” Abaya who is also one of ADHDSP’s BOT member.

The first activity of its kind, the ADHD Society of the Philippines hopes to launch the same type of “Kuwentuhan Session” format in the future in the hopes of formulating programs for persons living with ADHD and their families across different settings – homes, schools, community or workplaces. As such, in the spirit of this year’s 17th National ADHD Awareness Week, the ADHD Society of the Philippines emphasizes that the creation of a society that is truly inclusive of persons with disabilities is more than an individual effort – it is a matter of involving the wider community working together to make an inclusive society.

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