We posted a call for help and help poured from generous hearts who share our humble intention to help and reach out those affected by Taal volcano last January 12, 2020. Without the donors who sent their monetary help, we would not have had the resources to pull through this big project.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Society of the Philippines (ADHDSP) is among private non-government organization who came from the Persons With Disability (PWD) sector – to be more specific, disability that is of neurodevelopmental nature like Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, to name a few. Because of its nature, ADHD Society of the Philippines chose to help families with special needs child/ren whose families are incapable of providing for their medical needs. Since most neurodevelopmental conditions benefit from animal interaction, the ADHDSP also chose to give assistance to animal welfare groups who rescued dogs/cats and horses from volcano island.

Last February 5, 2020, ADHDSP board members Ms. Adelaida Ocampo and Ms. Wilma Ligot, together with ADHDSP coordinator Ms. Josephine Esteban, made the actual site visit to identified groups chosen as beneficiaries of the project dubbed “Bangon Taal.” Ocular inspection and initial extension of donations were made, together with meeting actual point person per identified beneficiary groups.

The group first went to Barangay Tumalim, Sitio Sibukawan in Nasugbu, Batangas. Thru actor John Arcilla’s post in facebook, ADHDSP were able to get details of the rescued dogs/cats temporarily sheltered in Ms. Bobbie Garcia’s lot in Sitio Sibukawan. There, the group met with caretakes Ms. Judith Baculanta and Felix Caspe, together with their very welcoming staffs who made sure the dogs are properly taken-cared of and the compound kept clean. A veterinarian clinic oversees the dog’s individual health conditions thru Ms. Bobbie Garcia’s initiative. Initial donation in kind include: five sacks of rice (50 kg each), 20 kg pork liver, and four sacks (10L) of cat litter. These donations were logged and properly endorsed to Ms. Judith Baculanta. Caretakers know each dog in the compound as each dog have a story to tell, pretty much like stories of people fleeing from the exploding volcano. One of the dogs was called “Gapang.” That dog has burns and wound on his legs and extremities. As an attempt to save himself, left by his humans in a hurry, he tried escaping the confined space by plowing dirt so that he can free himself.  Thanks to rescuers, “Gapang” was rescued while pinned under a fence. His wounds showed how hard and how long he tried to get out. Each dog rescued are logged accordingly together with the actual place where they were rescued. The volunteer group hopes to return each dog from the place where they were rescued so that they can be reunited with their owners soonest it is declared safe to return by PHILVOCS. No animal in the shelter were not allowed to be adopted by visitors.

The group then proceeded to Lemery, Batangas to meet Pastor Roy Hernandez and Bishop Bong Gejon. They were brought to a pastoral mission’s meeting where an ongoing medical mission was being conducted. After sharing the type of disability group, they represent, Ms. Josephine Esteban explained the kind of assistance the ADHD Society of the Philippines are willing to extend. Names and contact numbers were submitted for screening and approval by the board. From there, further coordination thru Pastor Roy Hernandez was set to finally meet some families who are to receive the medical assistance and possibly livelihood package the ADHDSP will arrange for them.

In Sitio San Joaquin, Malvar, Batangas on February 5, 2020, board members Mam Adelaida De Ocampo and Mam Wilma Ligot together with ADHDSP Coordinator Mam Josephine Esteban, found the location of featured rescued horses from the so-called Pulo Island which is now declared “no-man’s land” after Taal volcano’s eruption last January 12, 2020 after visiting Lemery and Nasugbu, Batangas. Having chosen the animal welfare group led by Dr. Dan Arreola as beneficiary of ADHD Society of the Philippines’ project “Bangon Taal,” the group met with caretaker Bong who was in-charge of feeding the horses. Assisting him were children who lived around the farm and who enjoyed feeding the horses as well. Dr. Dan Arreola was in-charge of treating the horses and monitoring their progress thru regular visitation.

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