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Ongoing programs

cropped-dsc_8038.jpgSUPPORT GROUP. Among the first programs of the society was a bi-weekly support group meeting for parents and other persons who work with children with AD/HD to learn about the proper handling and management of the condition. For many parents, the support group meetings not only gave the condition a name, but also put them in touch with other parents who were either struggling with, or were successfully managing the condition. Above everything else, the support group meetings gave parents access to various resources for understanding and managing their children with AD/HD.

A recent launch in February 2013 is the adult AD/HD support group, which brought together several adults who are diagnosed with AD/HD. This was established to recognize the growing number of self-aware adults with AD/HD who tend to attend the parent support group meetings, and thus the society decided to create a support group especially for these adults. This is currently conducted monthly with topics facilitated by the board of trustee members who are themselves adults with AD/HD.



NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. Every two years, the society organizes a national educational conference to address the many concerns of AD/HD management. The first educational conference was held on October 2002 with the theme, “Managing AD/HD in the Classroom.” About 200 educators, parents, and other professionals participated. These conferences seek to bring to the country international and local experts on AD/HD to discuss different approaches to the treatment of the disorder. The latest educational conference in 2014 puts the spotlight on the early adulthood stage of individuals with AD/HD entitled, “The AD/HDult Journey: From Home and School to the Workplace.”

cropped-5258_10151646074301613_1396760968_n.jpgFUN ACTIVITIES. The society regularly conducts special activities, usually related to an occasion, such as summer vacation or Halloween. Activities that have been done before include fun runs, rappelling, and photography workshops. While the activities in such events are usually simple, they actually have multiple goals. First is to build confidence in children with AD/HD, and to convey that they are accepted for who they are. Second is to spread awareness, as these activities are usually held outdoors. Third is to capitalize on the strengths many individuals with AD/HD usually have, such as having excessive  energy, creativity, and the need to socialize with other people.

SCHOOL CARAVANS. Pursuant to its mission to improve public information about AD/HD, the society regularly conducts the school caravan. This is somewhat a combination of an educational conference and a monthly seminar. This is a public awareness campaign on AD/HD geared towards private and public schools nationwide, with training for teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators on the proper management of children with AD/HD in the classroom.

cropped-dsc_8008.jpgPARENTING SEMINARS. This is usually conducted by doctors, professionals, and senior parents who have children with AD/HD. This is done in 8 to 10 weekly sessions, and is an intensive training program that is particularly helpful for parents who have young children and wish to practice early intervention.

MONTHLY SEMINARS. Every month, barring special periods reserved for special activities, the society conducts monthly seminars that cover a wide range of topics such as classroom management, behavior coaching, and proper inclusion practices. Attendance demographic ranges from parents, educators, and individuals themselves with AD/HD.

COMMUNITY-BASED EARLY INTERVENTION. This aims to provide training to parents and teachers of pre-school children at risk of AD/HD in poor communities.

PUBLICATIONS & LIBRARY. Our publications include a quarterly newsletter, a yearly magazine, and a teacher’s manual. Our library contains the latest books, magazines, handouts, manuals, videos, and other publications about AD/HD. It is open to the public.

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